We visited Prague, Czech Republic and surroundings in the end of year 2013. Veronika Pashkova was our guide. She is good in her profession: knows much, tells information with interest, is friendly and talkative, and is skilled in different languages. It did not matter if we were in Prague, Cesky Krumlov or in Nuremberg in Germany, Veronika guided us with knowledge and passion. We do not have hesitation to recommend Veronika Pashkova to guide your city tour, trip to neighboring countries or find a special restaurant in Prague.

Elvira and Jari, Finland

Заказанные услуги:

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В гостях у "Прелестной Норис": Нюрнберг
По следам Пражских легенд и реальностей: обзорная пешеходная экскурсия по Старой Праге